STG Interactive, also known as the FCR Operator, is the privately-held company responsible for the technical and commercial operation of the Frogans Core Registry (FCR) by delegation from the OP3FT.

STG Interactive and the Frogans project

STG Interactive S.A. is a privately-held company founded in Paris, France in 1999 by Alexis Tamas, a telecommunications engineer, and Amaury Grimbert, a project director, in order to carry out the Frogans project. Their goal: to provide people with a new medium, complementary to the World Wide Web, for publishing content and services on the Internet. This new medium was not meant for publishing Web sites but Frogans sites, a new kind of site founded upon a different format. Each Frogans site would be accessible via its Frogans address.

STG Interactive worked to develop the new medium and to implement it as a new generic software layer running on top of the original Internet infrastructure, alongside existing generic software layers such as E-mail and the World Wide Web.

From the outset, the Frogans project involved two parts that STG Interactive worked on in parallel:

As the Frogans project advanced, the founders realized in 2010 that there was a major obstacle to the global adoption of the Frogans technology by developer communities and other parties involved in publishing content and services on the Internet. Early testers discovering the project expressed concerns about losing the investments they would make for developing initiatives on top of the Frogans technology. What would happen if STG Interactive were to be acquired by a major player? Could the free-of-charge, non-discriminatory use of the Frogans technology be revoked or compromised? Or even worse, could the whole Frogans project be simply shut down by the major player, leaving in the lurch those who started initiatives on top of the Frogans technology?

After consulting intellectual property experts, the founders realized that their perpetual commitments related to the free-of-charge, non-discriminatory use of the Frogans technology covered the current version only. In fact, there were no reliable legal means to ensure that the major player would perpetuate those commitments for all future versions of the Frogans technology.

In order to remove this obstacle to the adoption of the Frogans technology, STG Interactive shareholders decided to create an independent, non-profit entity called the Organization for the Promotion, Protection and Progress of Frogans Technology (OP3FT) and to irrevocably transfer free of charge to the OP3FT complete ownership of the Frogans technology. They also decided to make the OP3FT the coordinating authority for all future development of the Frogans technology so that this development would be conducted in a neutral, open, and transparent manner, with access guaranteed to all. The legal form chosen for the OP3FT was a fonds de dotation under French law (comparable to a trust).

The OP3FT Bylaws were written so as to ensure that the OP3FT would remain independent from special interest groups and major players as regards its policy decisions. For example:

The OP3FT was created in March 2012. Since that creation, STG Interactive has continued in its role as the FCR Operator but henceforth under the terms of a delegation agreement signed with the OP3FT.

STG Interactive's role as the FCR Operator

The role of STG Interactive as the operator of the Frogans Core Registry (FCR) is similar to the role of a registry operator for domain names on the Internet. However, instead of working with domain names, the FCR Operator works with Frogans addresses, one of the key components of Frogans as a new medium. The FCR central database contains all the unique Frogans addresses registered worldwide.

A Frogans address is an identifier used to access a Frogans site. Frogans addresses are built around the asterisk, just like E-mail addresses are built around the @ sign. They can be written in any language and therefore are suitable for naming Frogans sites in all countries.

The pattern of Frogans addresses is short and simple, and contains no technical information. This pattern includes two main levels, separated by the asterisk:


The first level designates the Frogans network, i.e. the group that the Frogans site belongs to. The second level reflects the content of that Frogans site.

As the FCR Operator, STG Interactive provides addressing services to various stakeholders through several major functions, including:

The legal framework applicable to the FCR Operator is defined by the three following documents:

STG Interactive's business model

STG Interactive's business model is like that of many registry operators for domain names on the Internet. It is built upon fees related to the registration of Frogans addresses in the Frogans Core Registry (FCR).

As the FCR Operator, STG Interactive does not provide its addressing services directly to the holders of Frogans addresses. Instead Frogans addresses are registered and managed in the FCR through intermediaries called FCR account administrators, which are individuals or organizations offering professional registration-management services. The activity of FCR account administrators is comparable to that of domain name registrars.

STG Interactive's revenues are based on two types of fees for addressing services collected from FCR account administrators:

These fees are set under the control of the OP3FT within the context of the FCR Delegation Agreement. In compliance with the OP3FT Bylaws, any revision of these fees is necessarily the subject of a prior public consultation procedure. The fees apply in the same manner to all FCR account administrators, without distinction. No discounts nor special conditions can be granted by the FCR Operator to any FCR account administrator. Furthermore, the FCR Operator itself cannot act as an FCR account administrator.

In order to protect the interests of the holders of Frogans addresses, the fees are uniform and flat. Like in the domain name industry, the fees do not depend on the number of resolutions performed by the FCR Operator for each Frogans site, nor on the usage made of the Frogans sites.

In addition to its expenses related to the technical and commercial operation of the FCR, STG Interactive pays monthly royalties to the OP3FT. The amount of the monthly royalties is equal to the greater of the following:

In light of these revenues and expenses, STG Interactive will reach its break-even point (estimated at €6 million in annual revenue) when it has sold either one million Frogans addresses or 4,000 Frogans networks, or some combination of the two.

In order to fund its activities before it reaches the break-even point, STG Interactive has raised capital by issuing shares mainly to individual investors. To date, over €33 million have been invested progressively in STG Interactive since the start of the Frogans project, and another €3 million have been obtained through public innovation grants.

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