The Frogans technology enables the implementation, on the Internet, of a new software layer, called the Frogans layer, alongside other existing software layers such as E-mail or the Web.

The Frogans technology, secure and simple, enables the publishing of Frogans sites. A Frogans site is a set of Frogans pages, hyperlinked to each other, available online on the Internet or in an intranet, at a Frogans address. Frogans addresses are registered in a central database called the Frogans Core Registry, or FCR.

The Frogans technology is developed under the responsibility of the OP3FT, an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge.


STG Interactive S.A. is a privately-held company created in 1999 in Paris, France, by Alexis Tamas and Amaury Grimbert.

After having initiated the Frogans project and created the OP3FT, STG Interactive S.A. is now responsible for the technical and commercial operation of the FCR.

STG Interactive S.A. puts itself at the service of Internet users, in a manner comparable to registry operators for domain names on the Internet. STG Interactive S.A. fulfills its mission by delegation of the OP3FT, through a delegation agreement.

STG Interactive S.A. is also referred to as the FCR Operator.

STG Interactive S.A. is managed by Alexis Tamas (47 years old, CEO) and Amaury Grimbert (48 years old, COO). The team includes 15 employees and subcontractors.


As stated in the delegation agreement, the FCR Operator:

In order to make the addressing system secure for end users, the FCR Operator's resolution servers are hosted using domain names within the .frogans top-level domain (TLD). This TLD was delegated by ICANN to the OP3FT in order to ensure the security, stability, and reliability of the Frogans layer for the benefit of all Internet users.

STG Interactive S.A. is a member of the RIPE NCC (the Network Coordination Centre for European IP networks) and works with Tier 1 global Internet service providers worldwide.

The database software technologies created by STG Interactive S.A. are patented in the United States (US 9,313,087 - US 8,768,980 - US 8,504,541) and other countries.


FCR Account Administrators are individuals or organizations whose role is to provide professional registration-management services to holders of Frogans addresses or of Frogans networks.

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STG Interactive S.A. offers many opportunities to contribute to the success of the Frogans layer on the Internet.

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STG Interactive S.A. offers investors the opportunity to take part in this innovative project. To date, €30 million have been invested in the company by individuals and family offices.

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